Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shavua Tov

There was an interesting mix at Kosov this morning,from shtreimels and kapattas [in various hues],various exotially-coloured tallitot,a good smattering of p'til t'chelet,groups of snappy Borsalinos [I notice the new ones have a small gold triangle on the end of the hat-band - a reminder of the golden calf?]and some enthusiastic white-clad settler-types:altogether some 50 souls,the chemistry making for spirited prayer.Politically,as often,I suspect I was in a minority - "look at our boy",as my old English teacher used to say,"he's the only one in step!"On days like these,I find this authodox davvening,with all its costraints,more satisfying than our alternative minyan.Ah to find a middle path.
Tomorrow promises firing #2,with all kinds of interesting pots,glazes and experiments.A busy week ahead-Tuesday I start teaching at Tel Hai for the 2nd semester,Wednesday and Thursday helping Meir load his Kiln.It looks like kiln#3 will only get fired the week after,by when my new gas tank should have arrived.Off now with Helen to visit Roni and Noa Yeshurun-learn all about Safed at their site


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