Monday, May 02, 2005

Here we are again...

Back after a Pesach break,during which,to amuse the crowds,I started another round of cups - always such a pleasure to return to the cylinder,the essence [for me] of throwing,the act of making them in itself a form of returning to the centre.I made a leisurely 60-odd over a couple of days [selling quite a few pots at the same time]:finishing them off took the rest of the week,together with a batch of 2kg bowls I threw to fill the bottom of the kiln,and because the clay was just right for throwing them.Today,after a visit to the bank [and picking up some wicks and glass cups for a chanukiah to be sent to the U.S.]I packed up 3 [count them] orders for the States and loaded cups and bowls into the bisc-it's about 3/4 full.Tomorrow it's back to Tel Hai for the home straight - the last short hectic period before the end of the year show/critique at the end of June.Wednesday I hope to help Sydney glue my little salt-kiln back together in its new home outside his studio in Yesod.
Today is Gilad's 20th birthday!Happy Birthday,son!It is strange to think that one has a part in the existence of a 20-year-old person,no?


Blogger Hana Loftus said...

Happy birthday Gilad!

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