Sunday, May 22, 2005

New week-new clay

Last week's salt firing left me somewhat exhausted-not just the physical effort,also the whole story of breaking,moving and reassembling the kiln,and the tension of not knowing if it was all going to fire and/or produce results.In addition,the weather was extremely hot-the first real heat this year,which usually knocks me off balance a bit until the body gets used to it.So large parts of Shabbat were spent horizontal and somnolent.Last night friends just back from Paris invited us to sample their redolent haul of cheeses,which,though delicious,seem to have left me with a slight headache.All in all,time for a massage,booked for tomorrow.Today received a very efficient delivery of Tom Coleman porcelain from suppliers Ceramicon,who also sent a small bottle of pale blue lustre to test,and a bag of white stoneware to check for the salt kiln.The porcelain is a wonderful material,first tried after last year's Raanana fair-soft and silky,beautifully made,a pleasure to work with.It's twelve times what I paid for my Naaman porcelain,with which I have been working for the last six years-but that was such a bargain that it doesn't count.In fact,with no further ado,I shall terminate my blogging activities,swab down the wedging table,and make a few pieces with my new clay before preparing for this evening's sanga...


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