Saturday, June 18, 2005

After Shabbat

I think next Shabbat is the latest in the calendar- it's around 9:15 in the evening,not too much time between havdalah,the end of Shabbat,and bed-time.There's Friday's bisc to unload,some pots glazed and more to be glazed,and a bunch of Meir's pots that I picked up from his studio after last Friday's workshop in Pardes Hanna to be refired in the gas kiln.But I guess that can all wait 'til tomorrow- I'm not planning to fire the glaze kiln until Monday.Helen has just brought Eliav (#3 son) back from Rosh Pina:he has some bagrut exams coming up this week,and might be in need of Parental Encouragement,which I shall now administer.Uniqueley,I fancy,in the annals of ceramics,I currently have two assistants in the studio,both called Goldie.


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