Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back to work

The studio is lurching back into action after Greek and Spanish breaks- a small batch of mugs to get the feel of the clay again,a couple of days of tidying up [selling quite a few pots at the same time and getting three orders packed and sent off to the States]and here we are with a new-ish shape- the Modified Stair Asymetrical Cut-and-Paste Baking Dish.Where will it all lead?Your guess is as good.The apprentice is showing signs of having learned enough to be kicked out,which is almost by definition the point at which she can be of most use in the studio.More dilemae.I think I have fathomed Mr. Coleman's porcelain,most recent revelation having come while plunging my hand into a large bowl of reluctantly recycling clay.I may share these thoughts at some vague later date.


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