Thursday, November 17, 2005

Off we go

First test-kiln (small,electric) rocketting up at around 450 degs./hr,1170 as I write,containing 4 test pieces- a white and a blue version of old and new batches of the 'new' [frit-based] crystal glaze.The whole firing [incl. 2hrs crystal-growing time] should be over by one o'clock- I tend to crash-cool the pots by opening the kiln-lid wide and standing well back [the pots only crack if I lift them out of the kiln too soon] although this is not recommended technique.Yesterday managed to snap off pyrometer tip transferring it from the gas kiln to the electric;luckily salvaged an intact tube from an otherwise-damaged pyrometer,but feel I have broken rather too many pyrometers in my 30 years in the profession- usually while moving them from one kiln to another.
Cone 7 [1230-ish] is starting to bend with 1260 on the pyrometer [you would expect higher readings because of the firing]
...and just as I write this,the temperature starts to dip...we've been here before,too-quick check on thermostat is O.K.,so that probably indicates a kiln element giving up the ghost [do I still have a spare one?] and that's the end of the firing,thank you very much.Rocketting up indeed.


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