Monday, December 12, 2005

Mick Casson

Today was Mick Casson's jahrzeit.He was one of the great British potters whose influence and personality helped me choose this wonderful profession,so it's fitting that Sydney and I fired our salt kiln last night,in his illustrious memory.If only one could get hold of a copy of his television series,"the Craft of the Potter",shown in the seventies,and since unavailable.I think the British Council might have a copy in their film lending library- must get in touch with them.The firing went very smoothly,and we hooked out well-salted rings,with cone 10 [1300 degrees} down in a couple of places.Tomorrow we hope to open the kiln- what surprises await? Meanwhile,after four crystal firings,I feel that I want to have another go before I put away the crystal glaze buckets,so am cranking out tall porcelain cylinders to test a new foot-trimming technique that,if it works,might eliminate the problem of running glaze sticking the footring to its pedestal.


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