Thursday, March 02, 2006

World of Illusions

They're still filming round the corner from the studio.Spring seems to have arrived- all the almond trees are in furious bloom,the anemones are putting in their brief appearance,and three friends report the onset of Safed's virulent form of hayfever [supposedly from olive blossom].I haven't started sneezing yet- but why should this year be different from the previous 25?
Lack of recent blogging is the result of a couple of weeks of concerted work- I'm having a great time with the porcelain,soon moving on to some SM Weiss [white stoneware] for our next salt-kiln and the Tel Hai anagama,then some of my red stoneware mix for some unglazed pieces,finishing with a good go at my newly-delivered buff French stoneware.This should bring us to the end of March,just in time to start firing pots for Pesach.Where to put all this biscware is something of a mystery,since the shelves are already starting to look full. Posted by Picasa


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