Friday, April 07, 2006


Feeling slightly delicate this afternoon after a night tending the Tel Hai anagama with Gunn,Dotan [who built the kiln 3 years ago as his 3rd year project,and always shows up for firings] and a bunch of dedicated students.The 36hr firing was shorter than expected- the kiln reached 1300-plus after only 24hrs,then seemed quite happy to remain in the region with some attentive stoking.All cones were down,all rings glazed,and the silicon carbide shelves at the front were frothing away just like in Meir's kiln.Loading wood was an incredibly hot experience,and we called it a day at 5 in the morning.Drier,less massive wood was thought to be the reason for the fast firing.Opening after Pesach- stay tuned. Posted by Picasa


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