Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mother Earth Pottery

Big up for Eileen,her pottery,newsletter and new website,featuring at the bottom of the "links" list somewhere down there on the left-go look.
Still aching gently from a few hour's slicing wood yesterday at Tel Hai as students loaded the anagama in preparation for today's firing,planned to finish Friday afternoon [opening after Pesach].I think young Ricardo fired his big kiln in Even Sapir the other day- I wonder how that came out.
Glaze kiln # 5 is off and running this morning,with #6 glazed and ready on the shelves.On my way back from T.H. I stopped off at Yesod,Sydney being in Tel Aviv,to open the salt kiln we fired on Monday.The firing went well,and results were good,given the rather severe restrictions of our abilities.There has also been an exploratory decal-and-lustre firing in the new electric kiln,which produced no surprises [this is desirable in a decal firing,where any surprise is likely to be bad news,as opposed to the salt/anagama end if the firing spectrum,where the unexpected is welcome].Many different kilns and firings these days,which keeps one on one's toes- the path of excess leads to the road of wisdom,as Nanny used to say.Off to de-gunk the chainsaw,which might be required again during the anagama firing,then I might get around to posting some recent pots.It's cold-ish outside,and pouring with rain,a nice day to fire an indoor kiln- I wonder how wet the students are getting at Tel Hai...


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