Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cactal Splendour

Helen pointed out on Friday that this cactus was about to perform- the flowers were still tightly folded- and today here it is,holding forth in a corner of our courtyard.
I'm firing the 3rd bisc today [around the 800 degree mark] before setting off for Naot Mordechai to get Summer sandals,then to Shaar Yishuv for the students' end-of-year party,back to a Kleizmer-festival-clogged Safed for the Final,for which I don't hold out any great hopes.Come on and surprise me,France and Italy.I'm for whichever team plays the best football [on the evidence so far,I would put the Cup back in the Cupboard and tell the world to try harder in 4 years' time...] Posted by Picasa


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