Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Small Wall of China [clay]

Nothing dramatic fell in the neighborhood since last blog,though this is no indicator of future performance,and we hear explosions all around.This small stack of porcelain is a) all I have left and b) my illusory protection when I'm in the studio.Today I decided to haul out the new electric kiln,which had migrated to the store-room to make more room for tourists in the studio [hah!]. I mixed up a test batch of oil-spot glaze [with a few siren-inspired breaks] and put a thick layer on 3 bud-vases [one stoneware,two porcelain],drying them with a small propane burner, placed them on catchers in the kiln,and started the firing program I had put on the controller.
Oil-spot glazes are a family with which I have never had any success,having tried a few recipes in the past.Now I have read up on the subject a bit,realised the error of my ways [they don't like reduction] and want to see if I can get anything even half as beautiful as the small bowl I found in Kyoto,in a spectacular gallery round the corner from Kawai's house.I suppose this is a cue for a picture of said bowl. Posted by Picasa


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