Friday, May 18, 2007

My Hero

Himself and in person- Sydney with his work [and work by Gunn and Netzer] at Ranaana Potters' Fair. I can't believe that those beautiful porcelain cups were still there when we packed up at 11. Wake up there,Ranaana! As usual,I was thrilled not to be showing work,just enjoying the show.Around nine in the evening,feeling peckish,I set off for the Pizza stand,some 30 metres distant,but instantly encountered a good friend from the craft,then another- two hours later,I reached the stand,which had just closed.
Studio time has been at a premium this last couple of weeks: I have just finished slipping candlesticks and mezuzot made a while ago,and am contemplating wedging up a little clay before the Holy Sabbath arrives,to keep things moving along.Yahel's bowls will fill up the remaining space in the bisc kiln,which swallowed one big stoneware sink;the next bisc will be built around the two remaining sinks.


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