Monday, June 25, 2007


Despite the current and persistent hamsin,a most enjoyable morning in the studio finishing off yet another bag of porcelain trying my hand at some big bulbous vase-shapes for the crystal glazes. Centring 2-2 1/2 kilos on the Whisper wheel is no mean feat,but can be done;after that,the complete silence of the wheel is a big plus,I think,allowing truly uninterrupted concentration on shaping the pot. The wheel occasionally emits an ethereal,"music of the spheres" sort of emanation [you can't really call it a noise]-apart from that,I forgot about its [separate] existence completely and just sort of merged with the porcelain.
This brings to an end the current round of throwing:a couple of days now straightening out the studio,firing the bisc [which is now a bisc-and-a-half,of course],mixing up glazes,and doing all the office-work I've been putting off for the last two weeks-then the firing begins.


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