Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Or decals. Invariably,a batch of firings ends with one decal and lustre firing. These "alef bet" mugs and the Kabbalah mugs [both decals] are among my best sellers,despite [or because of?] their relatively high price: my regular mugs are now 38 shekels,in line with the Leach tradition of having a basic cup and bowl at affordable prices- the kabbalah mugs are 65,the alef bet mugs [with some gold and lustre decoration] are 85- the result of a remark by Phil Rogers,fine English potter,a guest at a past Symposium,that we shouldn't be selling mugs for less than 10 pounds [around 82 shekels,I think]. I took it as a challenge to see if I could make a mug that people would be prepared to fork out more money for- and it worked! Is there a lesson here?
The yellow coat burns off [if you're lucky].Photographs by son Eliav. Tomorrow I shall sponge gingerly around the decals with warm water to clean off any smeared gum,and get to work with the gold lustre pen.



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