Thursday, October 18, 2007

Salt Fix

Arriving at Sydney's yesterday to repair the salt kiln, we both agreed that it was in better condition than either of us had thought immediately after the last wonderful fire [from which,by the way and gratifyingly,I have sold almost all the cups]- good enough for maybe one more firing with the remains of the old door. Notwithstanding,we knocked up a mold for a new one,mixed up a mix [8 part assorted refractory stuff,1 of Alumina-Calcium cement] and inserted the latter into the former. There was a bit left over to stuff up the cracks in the kiln [i.e. left of 1st picture] and cast a couple of plugs to fit into the round salting ports. Once unmolded and dried,the new door sections will have to be fired in a kiln to as high a temp. as possible before being used in the salt kiln.


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