Sunday, November 16, 2008


My new kiln has been in Israel since June,but various and sundry [mainly Customs-instigated] delays ensued,so it only arrived in Tsfat today. A major planning and manpower management project [sounds grand] meant that it is now proudly ensconced in my studio [now,a couple of hours after these photos,it's also hooked up to gas/burners/vent] with the old kiln on its way to the asbestos dump in Bareket. A fair amount of team shlepping was involved,also slicing off the railing outside the studio with my trusty angle-grinder [and welding it back on subsequently] to ease access,and dismantling the studio door.Now everything is back in place,including most of my vertebrae,and I am ready to collapse in a small heap.
You may have noticed a recent dearth of blogs: we're not out of the woods quite yet,but I suspect that the lure of the new kiln will pull me back to the studio in the near future.Whether this is a good thing remains to be seen.


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