Friday, February 13, 2009

Three Golds

Sydney dug out a couple of tiny bottles of gold lustre [English spelling]- one with a ragged but distinctive Potclays label,dating it back to the days of Leumi Chemicals and Hamashbir,two ceramic suppliers that closed down a decade ago.The gold lustre itself is from Matthey,but there's only a smear left.It's the top one [see the M?]Gold lustre,as you can see,is tricky to photograph.
Next up is the house gold for quite a few years- Colorobia from Keramicon.It doesn't altogether thrill me [I think I've had better over the years] but I've got a lot left.Bottom picture is Sydney's bottle of Hanovia lustre [a respectable amount left]- nice and dense,but very coppery-coloured,whereas we want our gold to look like gold. Fired in the trusty test-kiln to some indeterminate temperature in the high 700's. Yes,we're back in the wonderful world of pyrometer issues again. I'll spare you the details.


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