Friday, April 17, 2009

Teapot Weather

Rainy and cool - a good opportunity to make a few teapots before the Summer's heat sets in and assembling parts of pots becomes a race against time [not that I don't do it]. While in the mood,I also made some rectangular baking dishes for the salt kiln and a bunch of natlot [washing cups] which seem to disappear from the shelves as quickly as I can make them.
Note spare lid and spare spout - the teapot handles were spares I made for the washing cups.
Ricardo called from Jerusalem to announce the birth of his new kiln [catenary arch,cross-draught,wood fired] which he has been building over the last month or so,helped by the indefatigable Pnina. Maiden firing due in mid-May -maybe I'll get some work together and participate. Richie fires more quickly than anagama firings -a day or so,if I remember correctly- in the English fashion,making functional ware glazed inside and flashed from the fire outside,with maybe a chamber for salt in the back. Mazal tov! A new wood-fired kiln in Israel is a rare and noteworthy event. Which reminds mne that the Tel Hai anagama firing is set for next week;traditionally I take the Thursday night /Friday morning stoking shift,although there are usually so many enthusiastic and energetic students around that there's not much to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

I came across your site and have been enjoying reading and learning from your blog daily!
I live in Jerusalem and have been learning pottery on and off (depending on finances and desire) for a few years.
Hope to visit one day when I come BH to Tzfat!
Keep up the good work.

1:30 PM  

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