Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hakame Secrets Revealed

Another of Sydney's revelations. Hakame is a Japanese brushed slip decoration which I [and maybe you] have tried to do by applying the white slip with a suitably twiggy brush - doesn't work,does it? But if you lay the slip on the piece first,and only then brush it....pretty obvious,no? Took us 30 years to figure it out...
Having learned this,I took out some recently-arrived black [manganese] stoneware clay and quickly made these small dishes,doing the brushwork while they were flat slabs,then slumping them gingerly into a variety of square and round fired bowls by banging the slab and bowl on the table. Some of those little cut feet seemed appropriate. The last time someone [nameless] sold me black stoneware it melted all over several shelves,so I shall fire a few cautious test pieces.



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