Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Sydney came over yesterday with a bucket of Lego bricks,and we knocked up a rough model of the wood-fired kiln we hope to build. The front section is the Bourry firebox,with a side port for loading wood,the middle is the firing chamber [it will have some sort of arch,or maybe a dome] with its loading door and the back is the chimney. Obviously a very rough model,but it helped us to see how the various levels and transitions work. it made me wonder if I could build a model like this from clay and actually fire it...maybe with a tiny pot inside...using matchsticks for fuel...?
Meanwhile,with bisc kiln #3 nearly full,and some but not enough pots planned to fill #4,and in honour of this week's reading from Joshua,where the spies he sends are called "heresh",which the midrash understands as meaning "disguised as potters or sellers of earthenware" ["heres"],I'm going to throw a few flower-pots with a mix of some earthenware someone gave me and some Tsfat-dug clay.


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