Friday, June 11, 2010

Rocks Off

Bisc # 4 is cooling,though you wouldn't know it because the studio seems to be getting hotter. A student went strolling around the Ramon Crater in the south and brought me back an interesting bag of rocks; I always think of rock as a very hard material,but it's amazing how quickly a small piece of rock can be pulverised with a large hammer. I sliced some quick slabs and impressed them to contain possible rock melts,picked and crushed 6 likely suspects [I painted identifying numbers on the rocks to help identification after firing the samples] and filled up a slab to go in the first glaze firing,early [I hope] next week. Knowing nothing,#4 looks quartzy,#6 chalky,2&5 look to have lots of iron,#3 might be a bit coppery. No guesses about #1- surprise me!


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