Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Still Here...

...just not blogging too much. The summer has been passing pleasantly,with sales in the studio steady if not frantic - there are some gaps on the shelves,which were stuffed to capacity a few weeks ago. It has been rather warm of late,though we head for the first night of the Klezmer festival with a cool Tsfat evening breeze blowing. I have an order for some agateware [mixed coloured clay] bowls,so threw two sets with different blue stains mixed with the porcelain as you can see- one pink-ish [cobalt sulfate?] the other greenish. A ratio of about 5:7 coloured clay to white seems to give the right amount of swirl. Together with other pots I made over the last couple of weeks there's a bisc kiln full and drying [including some honey-dishes for Rosh HaShana next month] so I should have some new work for the Holidays. I think I feel a bout of crystal-glazing coming on,so I'll try to throw some appropriate shapes to entertain the masses who invade Tsfat for the next few days; maybe you'll be one of them- come by the studio and say hello.


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