Saturday, May 14, 2011


Back to Meir's last Thursday to help finish loading the kiln (the greenish vase in the bottom picture is one of mine- left over from last year's firing,it spent the winter in the undergrowth]. It takes considerable wrestling to get Meir's huge,unbisced pots up onto those top shelves,the curve of the anagama's roof adding to the challenge. In the top picture you can see the last step loaded, with cones and rings in place [that's another of mine on the top shelf with lugs- I invariably bisc my pots to make it easier to transport them from Tsfat]. There are two fired pots sitting on the firebox floor either side of the grate where they will have large lumps of wood thrown in their direction for 4-5 days in an attempt either to break or improve them. Firing starts Wednesday.


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