Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make me a Pallet...

Sydney and I drove to nearby Dalton this morning following up a lead from Yigal,my Tsfat barber [always a valuable source of local information] that a pallet factory there might be the answer to our wood needs for the new kiln. The boss,Ami [nice haircut,Ami] told us we can come and take a few stacks of what looks to us like ideal wood for a reasonable price. it's all what's called white wood,which seems to be a vague synonym for spruce,or SPF[spruce/pine/fir]. The name spruce,by the way,comes from a time when people thought that the wood came from Prussia [they were wrong,as people often are].
If you don't know the song to which the title alludes,you may click on it to hear a rendition by the legendary Mississippi John Hurt [so called to distinguish him from the English actor of the same name who played Caligula in I Claudius].


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