Friday, July 15, 2011

Not to be Missed

You are hereby formally and informally invited to come and see what our students have been up to; the show opened yesterday amid the customary rampant emotions. Next Tuesday we're back giving critique [to me a somewhat questionable activity,since none of us is capable of being even remotely objective about our students' work]- I'll try to take some pictures then [ok,Oded?] but the work has to be seen to be believed. What most impressed me was seeing the co-operation between the bosses of Tel Hai [who until the last moment weren't prepared to have us messy artist folk cluttering up their pristine academic ivory tower,but then had an epiphany/did tshuva] and Sheri Arnon,our new hands-on CEO who did the persuading,then the designing,then a lot of the hard work getting the exhibition mounted,with Gunn and the other department heads,Cobi who does much of the construction,and the students themselves,the whole enterprise turning into a grand mutual multi-layered educational experience for all concerned,just as it should be.


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