Friday, January 27, 2012


The kiln required a delicate touch to unload, but there was [amazingly] next to no damage to pots- a squashed bowl or two. The shelves collapsed because the bottom shelf was standing on only two props [instead of the regulation three], the third having been knocked over as the shelf was put in place. Something to avoid next time.
Marcus O'Mahoney told us [at the Symposium] that he thought salt and wood didn't go so well together,one canceling out the effects of the other; I can see what he means from this firing,where the 3 kg salt we threw in wiped out most of the wood-fire effects that we saw from the last firing,even though we got much closer to our top temperature. The salt just gave a rather bland greenish mottled surface: having said that, the pots in question didn't have salt-glaze slips on them...


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