Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We Live. We Learn.

That's the theory, anyway . This morning I drove to Yesod to have another go at our wood fired kiln with Sydney, Michael and Shir. The kiln seemed smoky and recalcitrant from the start- never a good sign; we like a kiln to reach 700/800 degrees without too much bother. After a few valiant skirmishes we decided to call it a day, and it was only then ,after we had stoked our last stoke and the fire in the firebox had died down somewhat, that I peered into the kiln and noticed that the arch from firebox to kiln was almost. completely blocked off by bricks. What they are doing there is anyone's guess- we'll find out when we open the kiln next week. I'm hoping it might be something we can fix in situ and refire the kiln as it stands.


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