Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's in a Kiln?

There are some blank porcelain name-plates,one of which is destined for luster lettering for Mrs.Cohen's son,who broke the last one when moving house; a few medium-sized bowls ( blue slip,cream and colored glazes) left over from the last glaze firing; a dozen or so white cups for Kabbalah decals ( to fill up the luster firing);more porcelain bowls glazed experimentally with celadon inside and tenmoku or a new shino/luster outside; mayim achronim sets ( none left on the shelves);numerous small carved porcelain dishes in celadon as kiln-fillers;stoneware oval and rectangular baking dishes,some with lids ( not so easy to make- I hope they survive the firing); a couple of pieces by the last apprentice; an unglazed bottle shape,a commission;maybe a refire or two of Meir's pots from last year's Anagama ( the kiln isn't fully loaded yet);cutlery (or silverware,as it is known in the States) holders/strainers and natlot (2-handled washing cups) providing some taller pieces for the top shelf of the kiln. I can't seem to post pictures from this iPad- I'll try to add one tomorrow when I've finished glazing and loading,hoping to fire on Monday.


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