Friday, August 30, 2013

Rules of the Craft

Accumulated wisdom of 38 years in the craft:

1]  If you want to sell- make it blue
2]  If you want one, make two
3] Soft clay, slow wheel [Japanese]
4] The customer is usually right, at least until he/she leaves the studio; then count to ten...
5] People have a tendency to buy pottery in the colors of the clothes they're wearing on any particular day
6] A group will always be late
7] Never sell on consignment
8] When you think a clay or glaze is properly mixed, it isn't quite
9] No cone- no firing
10] Find a place where there are tourists and open your studio there
11] If it's useful- it's craft: if it's useless- it's Art  [Michael Cardew z"l]

That'll do for starters. If I think of any others, I'll add them later...
The pumice in the picture is heading for the up-coming gas firing as a glaze test.


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