Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Frabjous Day

Back exhausted from first day loading.Knees,back and neck holding up resonably well.Shlepped Meir's pots [unfired] bedded in sand in the back of his jeep the 5-minute drive from his house and workshop to the kiln-site,behind Plastic Plus in Pardes Hanna.Great to renew friendship with Hans and Illana,who own the spread,and with the troupe of potters and fire-freaks who meet every year for the festivities.A good cool day for loading;once we got started-which was late in the day-everything went smoothly.Called it a day after 8,having completed the second stack in the main chamber.Big pots to load tomorrow,and a delivery of 30 cube of wood.The firing takes around 20,there's about 10 left from last year,so there should be 20 left to dry properly for the next firing.Luxury.


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