Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Do any of you have good contacts in Barcelona?Helen and I are planning a few days there in early July.The salt firing has been put back to maybe next Wednesday.Meanwhile,I unloaded a bisc today-everything came out fine-so have slipped bowls ready for the salt.Candlesticks,carafes and oil jugs are drying slowly under nylon-it's Independence Day,and tomorrow promises a short workday followed by the traditional barbeque with friends in nearby Amuka.If I can get spouts and handles on the oil jugs I'll be lucky.Teaching at Tel Hai yesterday-ho hum,something about this year fails to set me alight.Maybe because so many students are into handbuilding,bless them,and relatively few seem to have the makings of throwers. They're producing some good and interesting work,but at a slow rate.We fired the new gas kiln-for me,the first time-an interesting experience,a kiln with a very different personality from it's predecessor,while quite similar in conception.Despite our suspicions during the firing,when I left cones 7 appeared to be falling top and bottom.The students phoned this morning to get a glaze recipe for the impending anagama,but I forgot (twice) to ask how the firing went.
Happy Independence Day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shul of Chabad of Barcelona
Calle Joan Gamper 27
Barcelona 08014

10:56 PM  

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