Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday rolls around

Four kilns fired in the last week or so,on the whole successfully:the shelves in the gallery are satisfyingly stacked [a few sales,even],and we're back to work on the wheel - the apprentice is making her first plates [first side-plates,650gr.,then dinner-plates,1800gr.] while I turned out some facetted stoneware cups,which,when properly glazed,seem popular.I should make some in porcelain,too,for the next batch of firings in a month or so- they look good in celadon,also in copper-red with white insides.My cream glaze is experiencing one of those strange metamorphoses that glazes undergo after a few years' use - probably due to changes in a new batch of raw materials,but disconcerting.The old version needed a thickish layer to respond well,while the new incarnation needs to be reasonably thin,and comes out more yellow- which I rather like.The apprentice had quite a lot of work in the kilns- mezuzot,small dishes,beakers,mugs,bud-vases and bowls of various sizes.In this next round of work,I shall attempt to show her [apart from plates] candlesticks,honey-jars [for the New Year] and,finally,tea-pots,long recognised as the pinnacle of the potter's art.
It is undeniably Summer,which means that less gets done- Sydney and I have been planning a salt-kiln day for a while,and are both itching to do another firing,but heat and Summer distractions keep pushing it off.Archery has also taken a break- somehow Thursdays are invariably otherwise occupied.I managed a round of six dozen arrows yesterday,after six weeks off,with expected fairly lamentable results;my technique started coming back towards the end,just as my energy levels started to drop-hence no pictures.Next Thursday we are invited to a wedding,the week after I hope to be enjoying wonderful jazz at the Eilat festival.Big Event of the past week:the Brit of Meir & Michal's new baby boy- Shir Hallel:may he be healthy and bring everyone great joy.Shabat Shalom!


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