Friday, September 16, 2005

New Links

Please note two new links on the left-two people I have had the honour of knowing since they were rather small,both currently involved in making music in the U.S.
Shabbat is approaching (earlier,too-around 18:20 these days),so not much time to write.The wine,with Gilad's aid,is in its fermenting vessels,bubbling away merrily.A second bisc kiln is fired and unloaded,plates and lidded pots have been waxed,glaze buckets dragged out,all ready for glazing on Sunday,firings probably Monday and Tuesday.I only planned one glaze kiln,but there are too many new shapes,and I'm impatient to see how they all come out.Eliav is in Tel Aviv with friends and a cold;Gilad just called on his way back from chillin' by the Hatzbani with Yifat,and Benjamin phoned this morning from his new base in Chico,Ca (it's close to Paradise):it turns out that his boss's mother is a longtime customer of mine.Small world.Shabbat Shalom


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