Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time to make wine

Not a huge haul this year.Last year was a bumper crop,almost twice as much,but the wine didn't come out so well (although still very drinkable),and an experimental kiddush wine batch came to grief.This year's picking (with Sydney,featured in the picture) and treading yielded one rather full bin,which promptly frothed over when covered and left for the night,resulting in moderate but manageable spilth this morning.Early readings reveal a potential 10-11% alcohol content,which seems promising,as does the early exuberant fermentation.The batch needs to sit for a week or so now,getting a daily stir,before siphoning off the wine into fermentation bottles-beautiful bulbous glass vessels with air-locks.Will it be drinkable by Succot,as prescribed in the (my) tradition? We shall see.
I have been having fun with porcelain the last few days- mainly facetted cups in a couple of sizes,also smallish facetted jugs:I need one for milk-frothing for the morning coffee (personal need being,I find,a compelling inspiration for design).Tomorrow I am expecting 15 hi-tech folk for a brief wheel workshop- I think I shall get them to work in porcelain,even though it will be their first time on the wheel- a somewhat iconoclastic move- otherwise (if I use stoneware with them) I shall have a fair bit of cleaning to do afterwards,and the studio is just getting that overall white splattering that seems inevitable when working with porcelain.


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