Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ready to go

The first in this sieries of crystal kilns is loaded and awaiting firing:I haven't yet decided whether to leave it on a low flame overnight and hope to get the firing finished by 4 tomorrow afternoon,when Shabbat begins,or fire it at more leisure on Sunday.Young Sydney passed by this morning- we're aiming for next Thursday for our next salt firing.He also informed me that our olive oil is ready- the best I have ever tasted,from a friend of his in Sde Eliezer.Convenient,as I squeezed the last litre out of last year's yellow jerrycan [avoiding the gloop at the bottom] this very afternoon.The kiln took a long time to glaze,even though everything is either dipped or poured,which should make it quicker.All the shallow dishes have a [hopefully] non-drip version of the glaze on the outside and crystal glaze inside,which takes time to do;all the sticking-of-pots-to-catching-stands adds to the fun,and,with either tall [vase] or flat [dish] shapes,planning the internal layout of the kiln [for an oxidising firing,an additional challenge in a gas kiln]was also quite a story.As usual,I have absolutely no idea if I got the setup even approximately right.Place your bets.


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