Friday, December 30, 2005

It's Nice to be a Prussian

Back after a couple of days at our annual (this was the ninth) pottery symposium at Tel Hai,with guest artista Leah Leitson from N.Carolina and Tjok Dessauvage from Belgium.I should probably put in some links to their undoubtedly wonderful sites-coming shortly.So,having recently replaced my test-kiln element,I ordered some more from Dudi Shtern,who maintains kilns built by the late,great Boaz BenDavid- a new spare for me,one for the test kiln in Tel Hai,which suffers considerable abuse from students and when last seen was festooned with sagging loops of element,and not long for this world;the third? a spare spare,of course! As I may have mentioned,both my parents were from Prussia,where Order flowed deep in the blood:West Prussia,to boot,so I didn't have a chance of escaping the Love of Order gene.One of our suppliers who had a stand at the symposium brought the elements up with him- and here they are. Posted by Picasa


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