Thursday, January 05, 2006


More to remind myself,as I sort through a respectable pile of accumulated papers on my work-table:first,I need a new notebook- too many firings recorded on the backs of envelopes;or maybe this blog is another step towards the paper-free desk we were promised a while back.
The firings themselves:cone 9 needs to be moving,but no more than half over.Natural kiln cooling is fine-no need to crack open the door,as I used to do,a hazardous proceedure,and bad for the kiln.The big lesson this time was the lower crystalizing temp- 1060 down to 1020 gave good results,40-60 degrees lower than previously.2 1/2 hrs seems fine for this glaze,three hours soaking tops [my old glaze needed 8hrs],and the more "dancing" with the temperature the better- gives crystals with interesting "annular rings".Still have to work out how to get even kilns without reduction-forthcoming kiln overhall may help,also expensive and horrendously brittle perforated shelves,bought yesterday from Minerals and Refractories in distant Magshimim,which should improve heat distribution.If they don't break.
While in the Tel Aviv area yesterday,I visited Danny Davis' exhibition in Beit HaOmanim- wonderful to see his ceramics again after so long,also the elaborate paper/text pieces he was doing before he fell ill.


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