Friday, February 03, 2006

Return of the Apprentice

Some nice little dishes Goldie made in Mallory's studio in Jerusalem- white earthenware,bought glazes- a different world,but just as capable of producing beauty.
Yesterday's trial firing finished around 11p.m.,having reached the region of 800 degrees and the bottom of the gas cylinder,in pouring rain.This morning,opening revealed no damage [always a desireable outcome];the kiln was a little hotter on the bottom which,as far as I can see,is a good starting point with an updraft kiln,whose nature is to be hot on top.It might also mean that the kiln could be a bit taller,maybe by adding a cast ring on top of the existing structure.All very intriguing- I hope I can squeeze in a high-temp. firing next week [two days critique at Tel Hai]- and then,maybe,sell the kiln...make another one...
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