Thursday, April 06, 2006

Anagama update

Recent report from Tel Hai: cone 9 going down in the front/hottest part [1260],wood running out.Chop up the furniture!
Yesterday's gas firing turned out rather well:the cold weather started affecting gas pressure as cone 7 [1220]went down,so I made quite a few trips out to the gas tank with buckets of hot water to raise pressure- a slower procedure now that the tank is protected by a sand sleeve.The final 40 degrees took a while,but I kept up what looked like decent reduction despite low gas,and the pots look happier as a result.While the kiln was firing,I lustred another batch of pots and fired the electric kiln as well- it's proving quite handy,and switching the controller from bisc to crystal to lustre is simplicity itself.The final glaze kiln is loaded [four bowls left over for next firing] and I ordered gas this morning.Probably fire on Sunday.This afternoon I'll try to post pictures while slowly sorting out the studio.I'm on night shift at the anagama,so a spot of sleep is called for.
I notice from my sitemeter [at the very bottom of the blog page] a sudden flurry of hits from eileen's site welcome,welcome,and thanks again,Eileen. Posted by Picasa


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