Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're back!

What a trip! Three weeks of non-stop knock-yer-socks-off action! Kyoto,Bizen,Shigaraki,Tokoname,Kasama,Mashiko- not forgetting Chichibu,home to Yuichi Kurosawa and Dani the Israeli woodworker.Back with a handful of tools,a suitcaseful of pots,a few hundred pictures,and a headful of ideas and memories.If anyone's interested,I could blog at greater length- or you could come round to see the pictures,hear the stories [see the pots...] A huge Thank You to all our new friends who welcomed us into their homes and gave us a futon to sleep on.Checking in just now to the blog,I saw that the 2 entries I wrote in Japan stayed in Draft form,so I published them.Also somehow managed to set up a Flickr account and get a few pictures up on the blog: neat,eh? [thanks again,Hana!] It's great to be back !


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