Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Why are Sydney and I searching the web for the meaning of "galactite"?you ask.We are salting the kiln,with cone 9 going down,and 10 bending,reminiscing about Japan,and going over some of the ideas and plans we hatched on our visit [like looking up glaze recipes containing rice straw ash- of which I returned with a kilo bag- in Bernard Leach's "A Potter"s Book",or Hamada's enamels from the same source].Our friend and guide ,Jun, has the word as his email address,and told us a bit about its exotic etymology,and this link should tell you all you need to know,while hinting at areas for further study.I particularly enjoyed the legends about Noach giving out bits of self-generating moon-milk stone to the astonished residents of Ararat,who I thought had all drowned,but it is a Turkish myth.
Allon fired the Tel Hai salt kiln for the first time with Sydney and Gunn last week,and I got to see the results yesterday.Allon's verdict was "Buba",meaning [he is a student of few words] that he was satisfied with the firing - quick,12kg. salt,even firing,good results,kiln in good shape.As is still the case with Sydney and myself,he now needs to start searching for shapes that will bring out the best of the salt- his current batch of pots already looks much more purposeful and focused,and he plans 2 or 3 more firings before end-of-year crit at the beginning of July.
Meanwhile,Sydney and I [in between the salt] are poring over Cardew's "Pioneer Pottery" that other formative text,trying to understand what he says about reduction firing.
By the way,you need to click on the title above to get to the link.Did you know that already?


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