Friday, July 21, 2006

Round One

The instructions were to get a thick layer of glaze on the pot- 3-5 mm.If you've never tried,its quite hard to get 5mm. of glaze on a pot [a normal layer is less than 1mm.],although I've done it before using 100% feldspar as a glaze [milky white,crackle].On this occasion,I probably reached 3mm. in some places,narrowly avoiding waterlogging the porcelain.
First results,as you can see,indicate I needn't have bothered.Despite assurances of the glaze's viscosity [stickiness] I used catchers under the 3 test pots,and a protective shelf on the vulnerable soft-brick kiln-floor; just as well,as the glaze went quite magmatic [go on.look it up].Mind you it was also rather overfired.... Posted by Picasa


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