Friday, May 04, 2007

Hewers of Wood

Michal of the Third Year belabouring a sturdy log of pine. Whether or not she actually hit the wood on this mighty welt is lost in a blur of pixels,and will have to be referred to the third umpire.
I got to the Tel Hai anagama firing yesterday around 2 in the afternoon,to find a roaring hot kiln [cone 10 down all over the kiln,11 and 12 still standing] and a wonderfully focussed group of hard-working students exuding a visible glow of satisfaction [or maybe it was heat from the kiln],with Netzer,a large smile on his face,giving a great demonstration of how to work with a team to fire one of these smoking monsters {this is achieved,I think, by a delicate balance of Doing and Not Doing]. There was little for me to do except shepp naches,which I did in great measure. I split a few logs [partly to see if my newly-healed sternum would protest,which,thankfully,it didn't],performed a token stoke,and left around 7. Kiln opening should be next Monday or Tuesday, I reckon,the latter being my day teaching in Tel Hai.


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