Thursday, June 07, 2007

Obscure Object of Desire

Well,wouldn't you like a pile of new bats like this? 35 bats in various useful sizes,cut with a jigsaw in about an hour from a 160 shekel board of 17mm plywood. Why did I wait 30 years?
Seeing how my old sets of bats work,I'm inclined not to varnish the new ones- the clay sticks to and releases best from bare wood,and the water doesn't seem to have affected my old untreated ply bats in the slightest. With bisc #4 loaded and a few more pieces of stoneware left to slip,I hope to move over to a couple of weeks of working with porcelain,aiming for 2 more biscs,a totally jammed studio,and then a slew of firings towards the end of the month,in preparation for a Summer season that we may or may not be granted this year. That pristine pile of virgin bats is just crying out for some porcelain...



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