Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top Tips

A sporadic,often redundant trickle of handy hints usually of a ceramic nature. Today we have the Poor Potter's Blunger,being another unconventional use for the hard-working wheel. I assume you have a cordless drill and mixers in your studio:if not,go out and treat yourself [drills go for 100 shekels and up- the better ones have 2 batteries]- it is the best tool for mixing glazes and clays. i wonder whether you could throw a [small] pot on one....hmmmm....
Place bowl/bucket of clay/glaze on wheel.Insert suitable mixer on drill and into clay.Start your motors [hint:SLOWLY!]- conveniently,default setting on drills is clockwise,on wheels anti-,thus giving Maximum Mixing Momentum. Watch the pretty patterns as mixing occurs. Turn off the drill before taking the mixer out of the mixed. Voila.



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