Saturday, July 28, 2007

State of the Art

Shavua Tov! It seems like an appropriate time to remind myself what's happening in the studio.
I'm still awaiting my elements and thermocouples to get the electric kiln going and plunge back into the murky depths [or heights] of crystal glazing. I have 40-50 pieces ready to glaze,which,at only 5-6 pots per load,means a bunch of firings.
I've been working in porcelain- dinner and side-plates and some facetted cups.Yahel and Goldie [I am temporarily blessed with two apprentices,both Tel Hai students] have been preparing batches of stoneware with rather less Spanish clay than last time,in an attempt to reduce iron-spotting under the cream glaze and eliminate a troubling outbreak of peeling blue slip. My plan is for them to make the stoneware line of pottery,giving me more time for crystals and salt:they have started making mugs and bowls. Gunmarit wants to fire the Tel Hai salt kiln before summering in Norway,so I made some bowls and cups in the salt blend clay [French,Spanish and porcelain in equal quantities,with some molochite wedged in to see if the increased china clay will give some flashing].Current projects include a design for a sink-top draining tile,a set of mugs to be lustred by good neighbour Avraham Lowental [he's in the links,I think],the Kabbalah decals to be redesigned and reprinted [maybe,this time,in colour] and some thought to be given to a possible line of Judaica for the gallery where Eliav is currently employed Next reduction glaze firing should be in about a month,before the eagerly-anticipated Eilat Jazz Festival.Onwards!


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