Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glazing a Teapot

Unless you have vast vats of glaze [or at least a full bucket],glazing side-handle teapots can present problems. I was contemplating mixing up a fresh batch of glaze to do this one teapot,since I only had a scant quarter-bucket of glaze,when my eye fell on this oval [and empty] paint container [I have a small collection of oval things]. The teapot just fitted in nicely,so,allowing for displacement of glaze [which explains the bowl in which the container is sitting] I got a nice even coat of glaze on the pot,and didn't even need the whole quarter-bucket.
Yesterday's glaze kiln turned out quite well after a struggle. I noticed that the bottom of the kiln was way too cool at 950 degrees,so decided to perform the delicate and dangerous operation of opening the kiln door a small amount and fishing out part of the bag wall that prevented heat reaching the bottom of the kiln using tongs [and gloves]. A bit hairy,and not for the faint of heart, but it worked,and the kiln fired evenly.



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