Friday, August 17, 2007

Jammed Biscuit

Here's the 2nd bisc kiln of the current pre-Rosh HaShana cycle,loaded to the gills and ready to fire on Sunday,by when I hope that napkin-holder bottom left [and a few of its damp friends] will have dried out. When I loaded the bisc on Wednesday,there was a tantalising small amount of space left- not enough for something serious,but too much to waste. I made a new bunch of napkin-holders and a slew of shot glasses [shotpots?],both new items from the last round which have proved steady sellers in the studio. Inevitably,I made rather too many of these kiln-fillers,but,with the stubbornness so typical of potters,determined to get them all into the firing,and ended up unloading,rearranging and generally messing about until every last one was in. This is a phenomenon that I'm sure is familiar to many potters [I can't be the only one...] and probably totally without meaning to the rest of the world.


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