Thursday, September 20, 2007


Meir's new kiln grows apace; last time I visited, the foundations were in place- now,as you can see,the front arch is built,together with most of the vertical walls,with some idea of the arched roof,which will be the next part to be built.The last picture is taken from the back,whose shape is still the subject of keen debate [should it be fish-shaped? Should it be drop-shaped?] Meir is building with obvious love and care,enjoying the process,surrounded by large unruly piles of variously-shaped bricks and stacks of bags of clay and cement.
The building of an anagama kiln is an event of national significance and importance [and this is his second]- I would recommend that you go and check it out,but I'm concerned that flocks of inquisitive potters might distract him from his work- I'll leave it up to you.
Meanwhile,I installed new elements in the electric kiln [and a new thermocouple,may it have a long life] and couldn't resist whacking in a quick kiln's worth for a trial run.Most conveniently,it just reached 1000 degrees on the stroke of two o'clock,having taken a respectably-fast 2 1/2 hrs to get there. By now it has slowed down to around 200 degrees an hour,but if it can keep this up it ought to do.


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